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Our light sticks are great for night fishing light, fishermen light, sports fishing, deep-sea fisheries industry, ocean fishing, night fishing glow light, pelagic fishing, commercial fisheries, fishing swordfish, tuna fishing...

Light sticks are used in commercial fisheries to attract fish such as swordfish/tunas, mark buoys, traps, and they are great for night time scuba diving to mark your tanks.
Using our light sticks to enhance baits and increase overall catch. Attach glow sticks to your long lines - this is a great way to attract more fish to your baited hooks.Our high quality light stick will increase catch rates, imporve crew productivity, and make your trips more profitable!!

For deep sea fishing, S15150T/F10150C/F10150C glow sticks can be used for catching large fish. And when it comes to what colors of glow sticks to use, please note: saltwater fish, such as swordfish, are more apt to bite on the colors blue and green.
For freshwater fishing, we recommend using 1.5 inch glow sticks. Green and pink are the colors most often used.
For personal safety, and to quickly spot your fishing companions, hang a 6 inch glow stick around your neck. Glow sticks are also a great way to light up the inside of a boat, or consider using glow necklaces to outline areas of the boat that may pose a risk in the dark.

Fishing with our glow sticks, easy/more convenient/fun/safe and fishing more!!
Catalog: Glow fishing float
Item No.: F4539
Item Name: Fishing float light stick
Specification: 4.5x39mm

Catalog: Glow fishing float
Item No.: F10100
Item Name: Glow stick for fishing
Specification: 10x100mm

Catalog: Glow fishing float
Item No.: F10150C
Item Name: Glow stick fishing float
Specification: 10x150mm


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